As the coronavirus pandemic continues, the day to day activities of British people have fundamentally changed. There are many people throughout the UK who are missing their regular visits to the gym. 


Gyms and health centres are chosen by members to exercise, increase their fitness and generally improve their health. However, gyms are a potential breeding ground for bacteria because they are usually self contained units, with re-circulating air conditioning and lots of people present.


As a gym owner, it is critically important that the environment and equipment is regularly sanitised and maintained to protect the health and safety of your members. With the future uncertain, many gym owners are researching how to implement practices to keep the spaces clean and hygienic when reopening is permitted. 


A study by Tap Warehouse found that  20% of Brits confess to never washing their hands at the gym. So, whatever they’ve come into contact that day before going to the gym is likely to be all over those gym machines. In addition, just 19% of Brits admit to always cleaning gym equipment, and 46% have never sanitised the machinery. 


Though the future landscape is uncertain, the health and fitness industry may face reduced capacities and increased pressure to have hygiene facilities in place. According to health experts, waterless hand sanitizers can provide a critical edge in the battle against gym germs. Hand sanitizers take less time than traditional hand washing, kill germs quickly, mitigate against antimicrobial resistance and are easily accessible for users. 


A touch-free dispensing system reassures your customers know your gym is clean and professional while reducing potential spread of germs. The WM Products Compact Touch Free sanitiser is perfect for gym and health clubs, it is lightweight, mobile and has a 5 litre hand sanitiser capacity with built in waste can for easy maintenance. Each unit has hygienic, wipe clean surfaces, stainless steel sink and tap and is operated by foot pump. 

Each unit is manufactured from high quality material in either white, wood or black and can be branded with custom logos or colours to complement your existing brand collateral. Our Team would be delighted to discuss your requirements. 

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